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You may recall from the after school clubs letter that we sent home last term, that we are able to offer a science club this term.


As indicated, this will be on Wednesday from 3.20 until 4.30pm. This club will be run by three students from the Queen Elizabeth Sixth Form College, through the University Of Leicester; alongside Mr McCormack from the Avenue team.


The club will run for nine weeks, starting on Wednesday 18th January and ending on Wednesday 22nd March.


The sessions are based around activities linked to physics and chemistry learning. The sessions are very practical and look, from the lesson plans, great fun! Activities include building and testing rockets; making edible meteorites; mixing materials to make new materials and making pocket sized solar systems.


There are 15 places in the club. Your child has expressed an interest, and we think this will be a fabulous opportunity to extend their science knowledge in a fun and informative way.

There are still some spaces available. Please speak to Miss Underwood, in the office, for details and a consent form.