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Autumn - Aladdin, Pirates and Materials!

Autumn Term 1

For the first two weeks, we will be doing activities linked to the story Aladdin. The children will be making their own magic carpets, learning about what a desert is and the type of weather experienced there.


After that, we will continue a geography focus in our learning  where children will be investigating where we come from.  They will look at physical and human features in the local environment and compare their life with a child from another country.   Our DT will focus on designing and making a moving vehicle for where we live.


In computing all children across the school will be looking at the importance of keeping safe whilst using technology.


RE and PSHE will focus on looking at special objects and celebrations linked to the major faiths and how we can stay healthy.


Autumn Term 2

For the first part of the term we will have a science focus, on materials.  We will be asking questions about materials and testing them to discover their properties.   A geography focus will  then continue and we will be learning about making our own maps and possible routes pirates took across the oceans!