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Cooking at Avenue


Classes will cook three times over the school, one of these sessions will include cooking the school a themed lunch, another will include cooking produce that has been grown at school and a third session which will fit in with topic learning.


We are teaching a progression of skills within our cooking lessons.

They are: 

Year 1 and 2

With close supervision use bridge hold to cut harder food using a serrated vegetable knife – such as an apple

With close supervision use the claw grip to cut soft foods using a serrated vegetable knife – such as a tomato

With close supervision mash cooked food such as potatoes with a masher

With close supervision peel soft vegetables using a peeler such as a cucumber

With close supervision cut food into evenly sized largish pieces such as potatoes

With close supervision and physical guidance when needed peel harder food such as apple or potato

With close supervision use a melon baller to core an apple

With close supervision grate soft food using a grater e.g cheese

Drain away liquids using a sieve or colander e.g sweetcorn

Use a lemon squeezer

Sift flour

Mix and stir dry ingredients

Rub fat into flour

Crack an egg and beat

Spread soft spread on to bread

Use hands to shape dough balls or small shapes

Arrange cold ingredients e.g sandwich, fruit kebabs, bruschetta

Use measuring spoons for liquids, solids and dry ingredients


Year 3 and 4

Use a measuring jug to measure liquid

Use weighing scales

With supervision begin to use the claw grip to cut harder food using as serrated knife e.g carrot

With supervision begin to use both the bridge and the claw grip to cut the same food using a serrated vegetable knife e.g onion

With supervision use a masher to mash hot food to a fairly smooth texture

With supervision begin to use a peeler harder food (e.g.  apple , potato)

With supervision, cut foods into evenly sized strips or cubes (e.g pepper, cheese)


Year 5 and 6

Confidently crack an egg and with supervision, whisk using an electric hand mixer or balloon whisk an egg eg. For fairy cakes.

With supervision, confidently use both the bridge hold and claw grip to cut the same food using a serated vegetable knife eg. Onion. With support use a can opener and open ring pull tins.

Themed Lunches

EYFS - Iced Fairy cakes and children will vote for the meat and veggie pie that day for the whole school.

Year 1 - Welsh Rarebit

Year 2 - Savoury Muffins

Year 3 - Savoury Tart

Year 4 - Sweet Potato Soup

Year 5 - Veggie Pizza

Year 6 – Stuffed Peppers


These are photos of Year 4 making the sweet potato soup.

Themed Lunches



Greek Cooking


Year 6 made a selection of Greek cooking including falafels and pitta bread, raita and polenta cake.


Avenue planting linked with Cooking

Grandparents Gardening.

We invited relatives to come and help us plant seeds. We had a lovely afternoon, we planted tomatoes, potatoes, chard, peas and a selection of herbs.

We hope to cook with these ingredients towards the end of the summer term.