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Spring 1 2018

Both year 3 and 4 start the term using the book ‘Journey’ as a stimulus to create and then write a setting description.


After that, year 4 will be completing their historical stories writing of a three part story.


When year 3, have finished their learning linked to ’Journey’, then they will be investigating the features of instructional texts and then writing their own.


Spring 2 2018

In year 4, the children will be going on an adventure around the world finding out all about different animals and how to describe them. This will result in them writing a magazine article about one of the animals they have investigated,.

After that, the children will be writing a short diary extract linked to the animal adventure they have been on.


Year 3 will be learning all about narrative poetry, which will then be followed by some learning on book reviews and blurbs for books.