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Gallery 'Beyond The National Curriculum'

Condover Hall - Day 4 - Gladiator Wall, Rocket Launch, Laser Maze, Climbing, Fencing, Silent Disco,

Condover Hall Day 3 - Fencing, Gladiator Wall, Dance Mania, Abseiling, Rocket Launch, Cluedo

Condover Hall Day 2 - Circus Frenzy, Abseiling, Low Ropes, Survival, Laser Maze, Aerial Track

Condover Hall (Day 1) : Aerial Trek, Survivial, Circus Frenzy, Laser Maze/ Grid of Stones

Recycling Plastics

Music Enrichment Day - Friday June 9th

Fife workshop
Drumming tabla style!
Recorder workshop
Strumming a tune in the guitar workshop
Learning how to use a bow in the violin workshop
Using our fabulous new drum kit
Travel back in time with us to 1888, shortly after Avenue Primary school opened and browse our photographs, created using the newly invented 'camera', of the day!
Spring Term 2

Class 4JBR making bags in Design Technology.

Spring Term 1 2016


Small Talk Challenge
Mrs Underwood is questioned
One of our pupils is questioned
And the winner is!!!!!
Pupils line up for musical statues
Questions first
The Dancing begins
Sammy the hamster shows off his dancing skills
Sammy the hamster has taken a liking to Miss Kaur
Our pupils ready for their chats with Sam and Amy
Hammy making himself comfortable
Amy interviewing

Year 3 and 4 - Jules Howard Fossils and Dinosaurs Workshop

Eco Monitors at the Eco Conference

Welcome to the gallery of school events and a gallery of some of our displays of children's work!

Year 3 and 4 Stone Age Launch Day - Friday November 6th 2015

Police Protect Event for KS2 - Autumn 1 2015

Visitors from Bethlehem showcasing their amazing dancing and singing skills: Autumn 1 2015

No Pens Day - Year 4 play some maths games linked to multiplication and division including some they made for home learning. Autumn 1 2015

Outdoor Learning

Year 2 held a Home Learning Celebration