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During the Autumn Term 1 the children will be learning about 

'The Great Greeks'

We will begin out Greek project with a launch day. The children will find out about :

Archimedes, Pythagoras, Greek trireme boats, Ancient Greek language and the Olympic games though modern dance. At the end of the day, the children will perform their dances to each other and feast upon Greek dishes (including pitta bread, humus, yoghurt, cucumber & olives.)


Through afternoon sessions the children will be ordering key events in time. Studying 'Democracy' and the hostilities between Athens & Sparta.


A second theme day 'The Olympic Games / Greek Theatre' will take place on Friday 6th October. Here the children will become thespians and athletes.


For the children of year 5, our learning will culminate in an assembly "It's All About The Greeks!" on Thursday 12th October.


During Spring Term 1 & 2, the children in year 5 & 6 will be learning about

The Tudors


This will be a study of the main Tudor monarchs and the impact that they had on our lives today.


A visit to Tudor World in Stratford will take place on :

22nd March  - year 5

23rd March - year 6

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