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Lunch Box Competition

Coop Healthy Lunch Box Competition May 2015

Children created a healthy lunch box design to show a balanced diet linked to the eat well plate.

A panel of judges chose 4 winners. Our judges were Paula Walton( local dietician), Karen Ball (Coop community link), Chris Wilkins (parent governor) with support from Rebecca  Rowe (PSHCE lead)

Congratulations to our 4 winners:

Foundation Stage – Elliot Leach

Key stage 1 – Billy Black

Year 3/4  - Ryhan Khalique

Year 5/6 – Jean Obi

See attachments for the winning entries.

The winners went to the Coop to buy their ingredients and made their healthy lunch boxes.  These were share in a whole school assembly, where they were presented with a certificate and a new lunch box.

A special certificate was presented to Ela Plociennik for her healthy eating message poster and to Yousif Sabawi for his extra effort with his design presented in a paper lunch box.

Well done to all the children for their entries and we hope to have even more next year!