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Lunchtime and after school sports clubs

We have a wide range of clubs, primarily after school. However, Mrs Soma run clubs for our children who are newly arrived and learning English every morning at 8.30am.

                                       Spring Term 1 & 2 Clubs
Monday  :        Coding Club  (Miss Rawlings)

                       Choir  (Miss A Palmer)
                       Maths Puzzle Club    (Miss Kenna / Miss E Palmer)

                       Tennis  Club   (Mr Gordon /  Mr Beardmore
Tuesday :        Cricket Club   (Mr Gordon / Mr Beardmore)

                       Home Learning  Yr 3 & 4  (Miss Soma / Mrs Daley)

                       Year 6 Book Club  (lunchtime) (Mr Owczarek)
Wednesday :   Tag Rugby   (Mr Gordon / Mr Beardmore)
                       Chess Club (lunchtime)

                       Year 6 Book Club  (lunchtime) (Mrs Kandola)
Thursday :       Homework Club  Year 5 & 6  (Miss Kenna / Mrs Daley)
                        Football Team   (Mr Button / Mr Beardmore)

                        Football Club   (Mr Gordon)

                        Year 6 Book club  (lunchtime ) (Mr Owczarek)
                       Cooking Club  (Mrs Swan / Mrs Ponsford) - fee applied
Friday :           Reading club (8.15am - 8.50am) 
                       Table Tennis club (Mr Gordon / Mr Beardmore)
(Clubs take place after school unless otherwise stated).

Our clubs are open to different year groups, apart from football - the other clubs operate for a 1/2 term. Children are invited to attend, but children may ask to join too.
The funding for these clubs and activities comes through the 'Pupil Premium Grant' funding, or the 'Sports Grant' funding.