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Much of our maths learning is concrete and the children are encouraged to use physical resources to support their learning and problem solving. Once the children have grasped the practical aspects, they will then be encouraged to draw their learning out pictorially to support their applying skills to problems.


Autumn Term 1


Year 5

In Mathematics we will be focusing on place value - ensuring that the children have mastered their understanding of numbers beyond 1000; negative numbers; and are able to problem solve using this knowledge.

Year 6

Learning for all children this term will be based around integers, decimals and the four rules of maths. Through this half-term we need to ensure that all the children have secure efficient written methods. We will begin to problem solve applying our skills to master our learning.

Autumn Term 2

Year 5

This term, the children from year 5 will be focus on how to:


* Add and subtract mentally with numbers greater than 100
* Use a column method to add and subtract with numbers up to 4 digit numbers

* Use known facts (multiples) to multiple and divide mentally

* Multiply and divide whole numbers by 10, 100 and 1000
* Multiple up to 4 digits by up to 2 digit numbers using a formal written method (column)

* Divide up to 4 digit numbers by a 1 digit number using a formal written method (I might

   need to use resources or draw pictures to help me).

* To decide if I need to round up the answer up or down depending on the question.

* Use rounding to estimate and check my answer
* Problem solving using these skills, deciding on which operation, method and resources

   that I need.


Year 6

This term, the children in year 6 will be focussing on:





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