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PSHE (personal, social and health education) provides us with skills that help us build respectful and understanding relationships. It helps to develop a sense of self worth. It teaches us how to be healthy, independent and responsible members of society. PSHE provides us with life skills to help us in later life with our families, jobs and financial stability and how to be part of a wider community.


At Avenue Primary School we aim to promote healthy, independent and responsible members of society. We encourage all our pupils to play a positive role in contributing to school life and the wider community through the learning council, fundraising events, supporting nominated charities and involvement in community activities. Our pupils are given opportunities in PSHE lessons using the Cambridgeshire Scheme of work and assemblies to develop confidence, self-motivation and an understanding of their rights and responsibilities within our diverse society.

We teach PSHE in a variety of ways: as a discrete subject, through the Cambridgeshire scheme lessons, via assemblies and through other subjects such as RE, History, Geography, Cooking in Design and Technology, English, Maths and Science, as well as through outdoor educational visits, community work and activities.


Aims & Objectives


At Avenue we aim to teach children to:


  • Know and understand what constitutes a healthy lifestyle.
  • Be aware of safety issues.
  • Understand what makes a good relationship.
  • Have respect for others.
  • Be independent and responsible members of the school community.
  • Be positive and active members of a democratic society.
  • Develop self confidence and self esteem and make informed choices regarding personal and social issues.
  • Understand what different types of bullying are and to be part of a listening and telling environment.
  • Develop good relationships with other members of the school and the wider community.
  • Understand how to be financially aware and to consider the impact of their decisions on themselves and others.
  • Develop an awareness of environmental issues.


In EYFS as part of the Personal, Social and Emotional principle, SEED is used to deliver discrete lessons as well as a wealth of cross curricular PSE opportunities.


In year 1-6 the children follow the Cambridgeshire Scheme through discrete lessons. The different units that are covered can be seen in the attached 2 year overview.  These units cover the core programme of study areas; Health and well being, Relationships and Living in the Wider World.







Enrichment week - Healthy Lifestyles 2017

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Anti-bullying (See the Anti-bullying section for more information)

Anti-bullying (See the Anti-bullying section for more information) 1 ABC award