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Computing at Avenue


Computers are now part of everyday life. For most of us, technology is essential to our lives, at home and at work. ‘Computational thinking’ is a skill children must be taught if they are to be ready for the workplace and able to participate effectively in this digital world.


At school, children have access to laptops, computers, iPads, interactive whiteboards and other resources to support the new computing curriculum. They use these to learn about computing as well as to support learning in other subjects and to embed key skills.

The national curriculum has a greater focus on coding and programming and, as a school, we have broadly split into five main areas for teaching and learning:


  • E-safety

This area focuses on children staying safe while interacting with the internet. In Early Years and KS1 this involves talking about the importance of keeping personal information such as passwords private and only using age-appropriate games and apps. Moving on from that, children will also learn about cyber-bullying and how to combat this, sites and services available and understanding the meaning of ‘a digital footprint’ and its effects. It looks into issues such as being aware of false identities online and the validity and reliability of what they might see and read.



  • Programming

This involves programming algorithms (instructions) to control hardware such as Bee-Bots, in KS1 they learn to debug programs and predict how the result of a algorithm. Further to this in KS2 children will learn how to program software and animations using Scratch and Kodu.


· Handling data

This area covers gathering and presenting data using tools such as pictograms in KS1 and moving on to spreadsheets in KS2.


· Multimedia

This area is designed for children to develop all the skills needed for using modern technology. For example; selecting, copying and pasting texts, editing and using the mouse and keyboard effectively.


· Technology in our lives

Even before they start school many children are able to use and interact with different kinds of technology. During their time at school children will learn how to use these technologies appropriately and how they can be used to benefit their learning.


(See link to Avenue Primary Schools Computing Overview for a breakdown of each year group’s coverage)


Code Club:

As part of our extra-curricular computing activities, Avenue Primary School offers children places in the Code Club. Code Club covers key programming skills in a fun way and includes opportunities to program games as well as hardware such as BBC Micro:Bits. Many of our children are now working at an advanced level since beginning this additional club and have mastered a range of skills.


Lead Learners in Computing:

At Avenue Primary school we value the children’s abilities and utilise these to help support other pupils too. Children are given the status of ‘Lead Learners’ in Computing and we hope to establish support networks where children can work in a supportive manor to help their peers to achieve their full computing potential!


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