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Avenue Primary School

Where learning springs to life

Who's Who

Head Teacher

Admin Team


School Business Manager - Mrs Hughes

Attendance Officer - Mrs Beyless 

Receptionist - Mrs Hunjan 

Admin Officers - Mrs Bass & Mrs McCrory & Mrs Williams 


Early Years Team (EYFS)

Early Years Team


Busy Bees - Mrs Browne (EYFS Phase Leader)

Dragonflies - Mrs Taylor & Mrs Spencer 

Ladybirds - Miss Disley 

Early Years Support Staff (EYFS)

EYFS Support Staff


Caterpillars - Mrs Griffin  & Mrs Harrison

Ladybirds - Mrs Haley

Busy Bees - Ms Bamford & Mrs Kenning

Dragonflies - Mrs Veeren

 PP Support in Reception - Mrs Kenning 



Year 1 & 2 Teachers

Year 1 & 2 Support Staff


Class 1TP - Mrs Bhindi

Class 1SD - Mrs Majid 

Class 2HL - Miss White

Class 2SG - Mrs Davies

Class 2MS - Miss Toon 

SEND Support - Miss Hughes, Mrs Virk, Mrs Daley, Mrs Khalique


Year 3 & 4 Teachers

Year 3 & 4 Support Staff

Year 3 & 4 Support Staff 


Class 3RR - Miss Gowlett

Class 3MSt - Mrs Smith

Class 4EB - Mrs Cooley

Class 4SP - Mrs Ray

SEND Support - Miss Winney, Mrs Swan, Miss Mulford, Miss Cleland, Mrs Obern

Year 5 & 6 Teachers

Year 5 & 6 Support Staff

Year 5 & 6 Support Staff 


Class 6SM - Mrs Vekaria

Class 5RS - Mrs Joshi

Class 5AW - Mrs Urry


Other Core Staff

Other Core Staff


SENCO - Mr Fletcher

Family Support Officer - Mrs Bieleit

PE Lead & Co-ordinator - Mr Beardmore 

Sports Coach - Miss Childerley

Cover Supervisors - Mrs Soma, Mrs Hansrod & Mrs Abowath. 

Induction Tutor - Mrs Soma




Lunchtime Team


Midday Manager  -  Mrs Swan 


Lunchtime Supervisors 

Nursery: Mrs Kenning 

Reception: Mrs Spencer, Mrs Patel, Mrs R Batka

KS1 & Ks 2: Mrs B Batka, Mrs Daley, Mrs Wirasinha, Mrs Spencer, Mrs Ray, Mrs Begum, MS Sharpe, Miss Taylor, Mrs Loughran, Mrs Smith, Mrs Vekaria, Mrs Squires



After School Care Club Team


Manager  -  Mrs McCarthy

EYFS Worker - Mrs Harrison

KS1 Workers - Miss Ibraimo  & Miss Childerley

KS2 Workers - Mrs Ray, Mr Beardmore & Mr Gordon

Premises Team

Premises Team


Premises Officer:  Mrs J Kenna


Cleaners: Mrs Kaur, Ms Sharpe, Mrs Kantella & Mrs Trivedi, Miss Taylor 


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