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‘Physically active people are those who have learned to arrange their lives in such a way that the regular physical activities they freely engage in make a distinctive contribution to their wider flourishing.’

Quote adapted slightly from James MacAllister.

At Avenue, we believe that Physical Education can make a significant contribution to a child’s emotional, intellectual and personal development; particularly their self-esteem.


All pupils have timetabled PE lessons each week through which we develop the six areas of activity as set out in the National Curriculum – Dance; Games; Gymnastics; Athletics; Outdoor and Adventurous activities and  Swimming.


Children are given the opportunity to swim during KS2 and we aim for all pupils leaving the school to be able to swim to at least 25m.


All pupils also have the opportunity to complete the National Cycling Proficiency scheme in KS2.


Sports taught during P.E. lessons include football; tag rugby; netball; and kwik cricket, as well as athletics. Pupils can also take part in a range of tournaments and sports festivals both within school between year groups and with other schools.


P.E. lessons also provide opportunities for work in other curriculum areas through the use of problem solving methods across its activities – measuring distances, times and for explaining the concept of turning through angles. It also incorporates many aspects of Science and Health Education and so, wherever possible, opportunities will be taken to teach pupils the importance of looking after their own body.

Feedback from a pupil after attending KS 1 Healthy Lifestyles Festival

Our Sporting Achievements (Since 2015)