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The involvement of other agencies used to support pupils with Special educational needs and their families.

If your child has been identified as having additional needs, the school will act in accordance with the Local Authority guidance.


If the school feels that they need more expert advice in order to best support your child, referrals to outside agencies can be made. During the referral process, the school will work with you to collect evidence to support the need for referral.


Before a referral is made to an outside agency, you will be invited in to speak to your child’s teacher to discuss the process. At this meeting, the reasons for the referral will be explained and there will be a space on the referral form for you to add your comments.


Once you have given permission for the referral to take place, the referral form will be sent to the appropriate agency and they will contact you at home with details of their involvement. They might send you dates and appointments that you will need to attend with your child. School will also be sent a copy of these dates so that we can track the support that your child is getting.


Additional services and expertise:

  • Educational psychiatrist

  • Early years support team

  • Complex Learning, Communication and interaction team (CLCI)

  • Family support worker

  • Hearing impairment support team

  • Vision support team

  • Speech and Language therapy

  • Occupational therapy

  • Community paediatricians

  • School nurse

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